Robert S. Lee

About Me

I'm a software engineer at Apple with past experience working on hardware diagnostics and testing tools. I grew up in Hawaii, went to college in Pittsburgh, and currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The name I use everywhere online has no specific meaning - I use it because it's unique to me, it's pronounceable in multiple languages, and it fits nicely in 8 characters which is required for certain online services.

Indirectly, the name was somewhat inspired by a Buddhist story about a rabbit that lives on the moon.

Current interests

I'm currently interested in finding volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved with my local community. Also, I play the piano (mostly jazz music) and would really enjoy meeting other musicians to play with.

Currently, I'm not looking for new job opportunities. However, I enjoy meeting other people that work in the Bay Area to learn more about what's going on in the rest of the industry.

Getting in touch

I've added links to my profiles on several social networks below. I'm also trying to upload some of my music here, and although I don't post much I can usually be found reading Metafilter and the SA Forums.

Thank you for visiting my website!